How to compose the invitation text correctly

The content of the invitation should also correspond to the general style of the wedding. For more beauty in the invitations you can use wedding invite templates, customize them easily and Add to cart after completing. The text can be original, for example, in the form of humorous rhymes, or classic. The trend towards personalization and individualization of weddings has manifested itself here as well: today only a small number of couples choose one version of the text for all guests and prefer to write something different for each guest. Of course, drawing up such invitations will take you more time, but the sincere emotions of the guests are worth it!

Do not forget about the main thing – information that must be contained in the invitation:

  • First, enter the names of the guests to whom you are addressing the invitation. For friends, you can use funny nicknames, but it is better to address the guests of the older generation officially (or simply “dear mom and dad”, from this they will certainly blur into a happy smile). If you are inviting a family to come to your wedding with the children, write about it.
  • Most likely, your guest, having received the invitation, has already understood where his name is, but do not neglect the indication of the celebration itself.
  • Be sure to include the date, time and location of your future wedding.
  • Sign up according to the general style of the invitation – formal or not.

With all the advantages of postcard invitations, you can hardly fit more text on them, and you probably have a lot of important information for guests:

  • Map of directions to the place of the holiday
  • Preferred dress code
  • The wedding program (gathering time, the beginning of the buffet table, the time of the photo session, etc.)
  • Gifts that will definitely delight you

If you want to effortlessly notify guests about additional details of the wedding, then the invitation website will be the solution to the problem for you.

Buy or do it yourself?

This question worries many brides before the wedding, because they want the invitation to be perfect.  So you don’t need to worry about it. BasicInvite will help you to customize templates easily with simple steps. Now you can select your favorite Design with attractive themed color of your event. There are Hundreds of Templates available for your customization, you can add images as background, texts, Locations and Guest names with your choice and just save the dates . It used to be thought that only a hand-made wedding invitation can be original and interesting, but now it is easy to find a company that will listen and take into account all your wishes and even help you come up with an individual approach to each guest.

Of course, if you are seriously engaged in creativity, you can make invitations yourself, but we still recommend trusting the professionals – preparation will take you a lot of time, try to unload yourself to the maximum so that the wedding chores do not wear you out. πŸ™‚